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The Garden Drill Planter is a handy gardening tool for planting bulbs, bedding plants and seedlings. It does the tough work for you, digging holes with ease.



Designed to help you plant your grass plugs and small annuals much faster than using a shovel or garden trowel, this drill bit actually pulverizes the soil, giving your plants better soil-to-root contact.



Perfect bulb planting auger for tulips, iris, bulbs, bedding plants, and seedlings.



Exceptional quality and value, this tool is durable, useful and long lasting.

Save time and energy. Use in any electric or cordless drill that can accommodate a 3/8″ bit.



Also great for digging weeds up by the roots. Quickly digs holes up to 7 inches deep and 1.75 inches wide.


Material: Rubber + Polyester + ABS Plastic




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16 Jun 2020

I do a lot of gardening in my yard and I hated spending all day to do half the work I wanted to do. I have tons of fruit trees in my yard and as baby trees they need support to grow straight up. I began using this to insert posts and support my trees. This sure made life a lot easier but I need a more powerful drill set. It’s easy to use just hook it up to any regular drill and get to work, that simple. Highly recommended!

16 Jun 2020

My wife and I were having trouble putting in some stakes for my daughter's new swingset. The ground where we were putting the stakes in was very rocky and hard to drive into (and yes, we did try pouring water in first). In fact, using a regular mallet, the wooden stakes were starting to get really beat up. Fortunately, we used this auger to drill some pilot holes in the ground, which made driving in the stakes much easier. It worked perfectly with our Ryobi drill. The paint started coming off the auger around where it was inserted in the chuck of our drill, but that didn't really bother us. All in all, we were very pleased with this product and we would gladly recommend it!

16 Jun 2020

This Drill Planter seems to be as strong as the drill you use with it. I live on a mountain with very difficult soil and rock throughout. This one did not break, as the last one did on the first use, it has a smaller slotted point, which seems to do a better job at digging in. I use my Ryobi drill on it, not thinking to put it on level one speed instead of two. IDK why I didn't think of the fact that level one would be stronger and it was. I would buy this when I get in the first time around. I have yet to get the DeWalt out but we will see! I recommend this purchase in all areas of consideration!

16 Jun 2020

I have used this to speed up the process of planting several plant plugs & bulbs in my garden. The gardendrill planter has reduced the wear & tear on my hands. I use it with a standard cordless drill. I am considering investing in a cordless drill with a hammering setting. I think that it might just be the icing on the cake using these 2 products together. There were some decaying roots to work through & this apparatus did a fantastic job. I am quite pleased with this purchase. I’m looking forward to autumn because I’ll be planting more tulips & hyacinths to enjoy next spring. ? If you love gardening, I highly recommend this addition to your gardening gadgets. Happy planting!

16 Jun 2020

LOVE MY DRILL PLANTER! I just finished planting 354 bulbs in 2 days weather permitting of course. I will buy again if I break this one, but I doubt it. This bit is strong, easy to use, & saved my back from too much bending wrong. Thank you so much!

16 Jun 2020

It was everything i thought . Planted flowers this morning and it worked like a charm...Thank you!

16 Jun 2020

This really reduced my tiller time. I have a Rover tiller that i used to till the soil twice a year. Now with the Drill Planter... i stopped using tiller...just dug few holes in no time and sowed everything i planned. Love the Drill Planter.

16 Jun 2020

This item was shipped very promptly. The item I purchased is quite large and works really well. I have used it in my garden many times already.

19 May 2020

If you plant a lot of bulbs you really should get this tool. I planted over 600 tulip and daffodil bulbs this fall. I could not have done that planting volume without this auger. It makes bulb planting so easy. One caution, however: This big auger puts a lot of torque on a cordless drill. I stripped the gears on a 12 volt cordless drill. My new 18 volt Bosch handled it with no problem whatsoever. Once you make this purchase you'll want to purchase more and more bulbs because it is so easy to plant them.

19 May 2020

I ordered the smaller one and it fits great in my drill. I needed to go through sheet composting material (sawdust/cardboard/sod/dirt) to put in some plants and although it was slow going at times, it really did the trick. I'm sure once my garden breaks down, using this auger will be a lot of fun and will be my go to tool.

19 May 2020

This simple little tool has made planting so easy. I can’t calculate how much time I’ve saved and how much back and knee pain I’ve avoided from being hunched over.

19 May 2020

This is a clever tool that will definitely come in handy for the clay soils, especially those with a lot of rocks when trying to dig a hole, even a small one, for planting can feel like you’re trying to escape Alcatraz using a plastic spoon. It’s nicely designed with a durability that’s sure to last.

19 May 2020

Worked perfectly to dig holes for a small PVC patio privacy fence. Went through the ground easily and deep enough for me to place the posts about 12" down. Was worried about using it on my cheap Harbor Freight drill but had no problems at all. Great product!

19 May 2020

Works better than expected even in packed clayey soil. Much easier and faster than push bulb tool. Very happy with the purchase and will reorder for a friend.

19 May 2020

We are prepping for spring planting and excited to have this. Its hefty and well made. We have clay heavy soil which is a bear on the arms/hands to dig manually. We also have some rocky areas. I look forward to saving digging time with this. My teen is excited with having her own gardening tools, now adding in a power drill just for these augers. This will be nice for making deeper holes.

19 May 2020

This is a wonderful tool to assist with planting out small shrubs , that you have grown from seed. Works as advertised: loosens up the dirt and cuts trenches. Great to buy.

19 May 2020

Very carefully packaged! Fast shipped. Good quality. I had already a smaller variant of this drill, very convenient.

19 May 2020

It made the job of planting bulbs so much easier than last year when all I had was a trowel. I planted 16 tulip bulbs in no time! I am definitely glad I purchased it. A few pointers: 1. If you're planting bulbs, drill in with an up-and-down motion, a couple of inches at a time, to lift the dirt out. 2. Widen out the hole to make it easier to drop the bulb in. 3. I used a long weeder tool (like a screwdriver) to help situate the bulb in the hole- point up.

19 May 2020

We have clay soil and it's a bear to dig holes for bulbs, flowers and the like. While the clay will slow the auger down one it hit that layer, I eventually got the hang of it and was able to get individual bulbs in the ground in 30 seconds, rather than several minutes with a small shovel.

19 May 2020

This made really fast work of planting over 100 bulbs and rhizomes last weekend! The 12" depth that it drills will aid in loosening rocky soil for plants I buy that are potted as well. This is a great addition to my existing gardening tools! I only wish I had bought it last fall when I manually dug holes for 130 bulbs. Let the tools do your work, not your back!

19 May 2020

lt's strong and durable. Thanks.

19 May 2020

Fast shipping. Nice product :) Thanks

19 May 2020

Awesome auger bit. I threaded the top of the auger and added 3/4" galvanized pipe to it to drill a water well. Well made and very sturdy.

19 May 2020

Well manufactured and very sturdy drill bits

19 May 2020

Order delivered. The order corresponds to the description.

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SUPER HOT ! Many users checked this item in the past hours

Garden Drill Planter

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